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Rat Paws

Seattle-based punk trio

Devised by Eleanor

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Incomplete bio for Rat Paws

The band Rat Paws was born in a basement in Ann Arbor, MI in 2011 as the solo project of Eleanor Dumouchel. Conceived as an untutored, single-celled organism, a hybrid of Red Kross and Royal Trux, Rat Paws played out sporadically throughout the 2010s along the Saint Lawrence seaway (Montreal, and the Ann Arbor - Detroit area.) In 2016, Eleanor began writing songs that were strategically insipid, hinting at a world of self-denial and pain. Feral, explicit, autobiographical and taking no prisoners, this stage of RP's development was captured  by Fred Thomas in a practice space on Jean-Talon blvd. in Montreal and released (cassette only) on his Life Like label in 2016. 


Since 2018, Rat Paws has been toughing it out in the dystopia known as Seattle, where you can catch a live full-band Rat Paws show roughly once a month. A concise intro to the Rat Paws universe, 2023's EP "Trite You Are" showcases Rat Paws, then and now, and the extended cassette includes a handful of live  tracks recorded at Eleanor's favorite dive bar. Cassettes and downloads of "Trite" are now available at .

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